Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sunday 21st September 2008 - 18:10.

Angel of the north apparently. And the season for going west. A good sunset.
Sunday 21st September 2008 - 16:15

After 14 miles and 5.5 miles to go as the crow flies we find the path suddenly veering right, up hill and back on ourselves probably adding 2 miles and a few blisters.

Saturday 2oth September 2008 - 6.34 pm.

Bed number one. Dad's obviously no changed a duvet in a while. He's working hard down there on the floor...!
Sunday, 21st September 2008 - 6.39 am.
My waking world!

Every one is bald in the Newcastle 'youth' hostel. None of those heads are my Dad's!

21st September 2009 - 10 am.

And so it starts.